Owning a lodge with cabins in the Great North Woods wasn't exactly our dream, but we fell in love with the area, so our search for a way to make a living here was on. We knew we were giving up the comfort and security of a regular paycheck, but the trade-off was a lifestyle change, the chance to make something better, and use whatever skills we have and would learn, to live a life dictated more by the season, than by the clock.

<p>Hard work is nothing new, but at least this time we would be working for ourselves. Our daily commute is no longer stop-and-go rush hour traffic, but rather a few steps downstairs, hot coffee in hand, and a serene view of one of the most beautiful lakes in Minnesota. Evenings offer spectacular sunsets and a view of the northern sky glittering with stars you just don't see in the city.

Born and raised in St. Paul, MN, Andy has spent the last 21 years working in his family's wholesale produce distribution business. Prior to that he served for 14 years in the military.

His expertise and success in both careers has proven him as the "get it done guy" who was instrumental in turning a fading resort and an unfinished lodge into the new and improved Big Bear Lodge and Cabins we hope you enjoy.

Since 2011, with hard work and long weeks and weekends, but mostlty daily calls from a desk over 300 miles south, Andy's vision, leadership experience, focus, and drive has turned a what-if into a reality.

  Also born in St. Paul, and raised in both St. Paul and Minneapolis, Ida has been working at the same family business as Andy for the past few years.

Prior to that she gained her skills in various industries and job roles such as insurance, marketing, web development and programming, accounting, database & information management, with a little bit of retail, restaurant, and customer service thrown in - all proving to be handy in this new venture.

While Andy worked to get the major infrastructure projects done, Ida worked behind the scenes getting the less visible ducks in a row.

Together we make a great team and share the desire to offer a great place to stay. We want you to feel welcome, we want you to relax, explore, spend your time as you wish, let the stresses melt away, and come back to stay with us year after year.